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Governmental Relations Offices :
  441 Henry Admin. Bldg.
  506 S. Wright St., MC-358
  Urbana IL 61801

  207 Administrative Office Bldg.
  1737 W. Polk St., MC-976
  Chicago IL 60612

  444 N. Capitol St., NW
  Suite 400
  Washington, DC 20001
  (202) 624-7876

Office :
   (217) 333-1086

Email :
   Kappy Laing
   Jennifer Creasey
   Jonathan Pyatt
   Melissa Haas
   Mary Hardenbrook

Office of Governmental Relations

Office of Governmental Relations

The Governmental Relations office serves as the University of Illinois liaison to members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation, the Illinois General Assembly, the Office of the Governor, agencies of the federal and state governments, key local officials and major higher education associations.

Executive Director of Governmental Relations

   Katherine "Kappy" Laing

Assistant Director of Governmental Relations

   Jennifer Creasey

Federal Relations

   Jonathan Pyatt
     Director of Federal Relations

   Melissa Haas
     Federal Relations Specialist

For more information, please visit our federal relations website at

State Relations

        Director of State Relations

Office Support

  Mary Hardenbrook
     Administrative Assistant

 More information on state legislation is available at The Illinois General Assembly.