Welcome from the Office of Governmental Relations

The Office of Governmental Relations (OGR) serves as the University of Illinois liaison to:

  • members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation,
  • the Illinois General Assembly,
  • the Office of the Governor,
  • agencies of the federal and state governments,
  • key local officials, and
  • major higher education associations.

Federal relations staff work in Washington, DC and Illinois, on behalf of the University of Illinois.

State relations are coordinated by staff in Springfield and around the state.

Illinois Connection is the legislative advocacy network for the University of Illinois System

Governmental Relations also coordinates the Council on Government Relations and External Relations (COGER).

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Illinois Connection Advocacy Network

Illinois Connection is the University of Illinois Alumni Association’s legislative advocacy network. Its mission: to gain greater federal and state support for the University of Illinois System's three universities as well as their interests. By increasing awareness and understanding of the U of I’s positive impact on the state, nation and world, Illinois Connection advocates help to ensure the University’s legacy and longevity.

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